Uday Salunkhe – Strategies for Being A Global MBA Player

by chirag on July 28, 2011

Global Competitiveness is the tool for success in all spheres, even education, and especially management education. This research paper takes the positive favorable factors aiding the process of making our management educational institutions globally competitive. The route taken is the trend towards Indians making their mark as global citizens, on every field globally. By identifying specific cases through primary research the paper unfolds the possibility that we can become a global MBA player and that there is scope for Indian management schools to become globally competitive.

The mantra today is globalization be it industry, economics, trade or education. The world over energies is being synergized to become successful global player in every field. The environment and the challenges in the growing MBA education field with its tremendous growth opportunities are exceptional and unique.

There has been a tremendous growth of management institutes in our society. Every year about 20,000 students pass out of management schools, the demand is very high.

India has over 250 universities, deemed universities, institutes of national importance and over 11000 colleges. This itself makes India’s education system one of the worlds largest. The number of colleges for professional education has gone up from a mere 208 in 1951 to over 2300 in 2001.

The core areas relevant to this discussion are:
India’s demand in the foreign markets
Current educational scenario
Challenges faced by Indian B schools
Best practices the world over

As we can judge, the times are exciting as well as turbulent. To be in the education sector as an MBA player, is a path strewn with thorns, with blooming orchards laden with fruit, noticed in the distance. MBA institutes will need strategic leadership and leaders who need to be more than mere academicians.
They need to be leaders of action and global vision to leverage the core competencies of the Indian management ethos and merge it with international flavor.

This article is authored by eminent educationist and visionary Professor Dr. Uday Salunkhe, Director, Welingkar Institute of Management and Research (WE School), one of the leading B-Schools in India, with campuses in Mumbai & Bangalore.

This article gives an in depth analysis on the strategies for becoming a global MBA player. It has been co- authored by Dr. Uday Salunkhe, Director of the prestigious Welingkar Institute of Management and Research.

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